Documentaries & Short Films

“If you considered yourself a real rock ’n’ roll guitar player, you had to learn ‘Rumble’. It was raw and dirty, and had that rebellious spirit to it.”
-Robbie Robertson

RED SCARLETT / Feature / GIGANTIC PICTURES (Montreal Shoot) / Director: Antonino D’Ambrosio / Producer: Lauren Franklin / CAST: Frank Serpico

2013-2014 RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World (In production) HD-ARRI ALEXA / Feature / PBS, Superchannel, ARTE / Co-Directors: Catherine Bainbridge, Alfonso Maiorana / Producers: Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick / Cast: Robbie Robertson, Stevie Salas, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Jackson Brown, Stevie Van Zandt

2012 PAPO & YO / HD ARRI ALEXA / Video Game Trailer, Director/DOP: Alfonso Maiorana / Creative Director Game: Vander Caballero / Executive Producer: Catherine Bainbridge / Producers: Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick / Cast: Gianpaolo Venuta, Francis Cleophat

2011 BECOME / ROCCIA Production / 20mins. / Camera: SonyHD / Director/Producer: Hélène Bélanger-Martin /Artist: André Desjardin

2010 VISUAL EMOTIONISM / SPENCER & CARANO Productions / 10mins. / Camera: SonyHD / Director/Producer: Hélène Bélanger-Martin / Artist: André Desjardins

2007 ESCAPE HATCH / HD/color/black & white/fiction/24min., Director/Producer: Tracey Deer / Cast: Tiion Horn

2005 MARDI MATIN… QUELQUE PART / super 16mm [blow-up 35mm]/color/8 min., Director: Hélène Belanger Martin / Producer: Antonello Cozzolino /Cast: Geneviève Alarie

2005 L’OMBRE ET LA PROIE / Mini HDV/color/15 min., Director: Diane Gagnon / Producers: Nathalie Duchesne, Diane Gagnon, Francis Macerola / Cast:David Boutin, Pierre Rivard2005 PERIPETEIA 35mm/color/short film, 11 min., Producer/Director: Alexandre Da Sylva, AllFilms Inc.

2000 PANTOMIME / Director/Producer: Dany Chiasson

1996 THE BIG WORLD / 2nd Unit, 35mm/color/fiction, 24min., Director: Alfonso Maiorana / D.O.P.: Pierre Jodoin / Producer: Christina Fon / Cast: DavidLa Haye, Audrey Benoît, Maxime Roy

1994 ANNABELLE / 2nd Unit, 30 min./16mm/couleur/fiction, Director/Camera Operator: Alfonso Maiorana / D.O.P.: Brian Baker / Producer: ChristinaFon / Cast: Sonia Laplante, Carlo D’Orlando