Alfonso Maiorana

Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional
Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Dark Castle Entertainment, Paramount, Muse Entertainment

Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros., Dark castle entertainment, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Muse

ALFONSO MAIORANA, CSC (associate member)

began his career in Vancouver shooting music videos, independent short films, and documentaries. His immediate interest in developing his skills as a camera operator on feature films allowed him to enhance his visual eye as a cinematographer and storyteller.

A member of the camera department of Montreal since his return home in the mid 90’s, he has worked on projects ranging from major Hollywood Studio films, International co-productions, Independent features, Movies of the Week and Network Television Series.

He is a Montreal filmmaker, Director  of Photography and Camera Operator with 25 years of experience in the motion film industry. During that time he has shot in several locations such as Capetown, London, Essaouira, Ouarzazate, New York, Miami, Baltimore, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Washington, Mississippi, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax and Montreal.

More so, he has had the privilege to work with some of the most respected Cinematographers in Film and Television production which includes Mauro Fiore, Jeffrey Jur, Guy Dufaux, Simon Duggan, Kramer Morganthau, Pierre Jodoin, Yves Belanger, Anthony Wolberg, Phil Méheux, Mandy Walker, Roger Deakins, Ed Lachman, Thomas Burstyn, Oliver Bokelberg, Norayr Kasper, Rogier Stoffers, Jean-Claude Larrieu, Richard Rutkowski, Checco Varese, Christopher Faloona, and Pierre Gill.


``Alfonso is the best operator I have ever worked with, bar none. Aside from his technical skills, what most set him apart from anyone else I have worked with was his instinct and heart.``- Stephen Gyllenhaal, Film director